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19 reasons why technologists don’t want to work at your government agency

Some pretty good points here. The best people don’t want to work in a mediocre environment. But government still has a lot to offer that private industry can’t: a lot of responsibility at a young age, the ability to make a big impact on the world, service to one’s country.

David Simon on Baltimore’s Anguish

Time to watch The Wire again, really one of the best shows ever.

Get Rich U.

Am I jealous or suspicious?

How baby cries bore into mom’s brain

It’s true.

Loneliness Is Deadly

So, I shouldn’t have gone to grad school?

Mpow Seal Wireless Stereo Sport Headphones Earbuds

Review: Surprisingly cheap. Work great for music, tv, phone calls. (OK range, they don’t work when I go downstairs for example.) Bluetooth pairing with two devices at once.

Peter Thiel on what works at work

I’m biased to the model that change happens in small groups, in small organizations. I’m skeptical of solo efforts, and I’m skeptical of mass movements. You have a small group of people who come together, united by a purpose.” and “One of the rough rules I had at PayPal was that people were responsible for one primary thing. I wanted to be really clear that the job descriptions for everybody were different, so you would not have this endemic conflict. I think that was very powerful.”

The Asshole Factory

“So let me say it again. Don’t be an asshole. Be yourself. The miracle of being that you were meant to be. A person that, consumed with passion, seared with happiness, aglow with meaning, brings forth all that is great, noble, and true in the world, and so, with love, mercy, and wisdom, lifts every life that you meet into the light.”

The Quantum Fabric of Space-Time

Quantum entanglement is real; all it’s implications are still being understood.

The Strange Inevitability of Evolution

The notion of information is powerful in many fields.

What Black Moms Know

Yeah, kinda true.

A Diet Might Cut the Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s

Eat blueberries I guess, or something. (Good: Green leafy vegetables, Other vegetables, Nuts, Berries, Beans, Whole grains, Fish, Poultry, Olive oil, Wine; Bad: Red meats, Butter and stick margarine, Cheese, Pastries and sweets, Fried or fast food). Pretty revolutionary stuff here!

Apple Watch and durability: How tough are Apple’s finishes?

Also seems to be reasonably water resistant. Also: one of the best reviews I’ve seen yet.

Cute Family. And You Should See Their Bacteria.

Hacking your gut bacteria is going to be a thing.

Elon Musk Had a Deal to Sell Tesla to Google in 2013

They should name a deodorant after this guy.

Intel’s 14 nm Technology in Detail

Pretty remarkable.

Slack Off

It’s amazing how fast Slack has taken off (especially given how expensive it is).

Ten things you might not know about antimatter

Antimatter as antigravity is very unlikely.

Twitter at the Crossroads

Twitter has tremendous value. I hope they don’t ruin what Twitter is trying to find that value. How possibly can Twitter ads be that much worse than Facebook’s except due to poor implementation and management?

Why ‘Do It For Me’ Is The Next Big Thing

Bench and UpCounsel sound interesting for small businesses. Fixing the legal overhead issue would be a big win.