About linkviews

Don’t you miss simple, curated lists of interesting articles and website links? It seems like many such great lists have come and gone over the years. This is an attempt to bring one back to the modern web: a linked-list with minimal bling, no categories or pictures, no voting or comments, with just enough additional text to get a particular viewpoint across, but not more. These “links plus minimal views” we call linkviews. On Linkvie.ws, every post (and post title) is a link.

Please suggest a linkview. Contact us directly below with, for example, an idea for the site.

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Support, affiliate links and sponsorships: To help support the site we do occasionally include clearly marked affiliate links (for example, to a book we like on Amazon) attached to linkviews reviews or recommendations. In these cases, the recommended product represents our honest opinion of something worthwhile to buy (or not worthwhile to buy, honestly stated). If you purchase the product or service from Amazon from the link, or via the search box below, we get a very small commission. Thanks for your support!

We are open to the possibility of sponsorships, with the same constraints (clear labeling and honest opinions).

Privacy: Linkviews utilizes anonymous analytics via Google Analytics to monitor site usage. We do not transmit or store any personally identified information. Any data gathered is subject to the Google Privacy Policy. We can only view the analytics data in aggregate, and never see any personally-identifiable information. If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will save your email address so we can send you very occasional updates. Your email address will remain completely private; we will never share or sell it to anyone. If you choose to unsubscribe, your email address will be removed from the database completely.

April 1, 2015